Government Considers Reduction in Duty on Mobile Phones to Boost Industry

The mobile industry in Pakistan has been grappling with the adverse effects of high taxes and import restrictions, leading to an economic crunch. However, there is a glimmer of hope as the government plans to address these challenges by considering budget proposals put forth by mobile phone traders. In an attempt to alleviate the financial burden on consumers and revitalize the industry, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is exploring options to reduce the duty on mobile phones in the upcoming federal budget for the fiscal year 2023-24.

Exploring Options for Reduced Duty Rates

To counter the prevailing financial crisis, the government is contemplating a substantial reduction in the duty rates imposed on cellular phones. Currently, these rates range from 100% to 150% for both small and large mobile phones. By revising these rates, the government aims to provide much-needed relief to traders and the general public, whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the escalating taxes.

Impact on the Mobile Industry

The mobile industry, on the verge of collapse, is in desperate need of intervention. The surge in taxes has not only burdened traders but has also made it increasingly challenging for millions of people to earn a livelihood. The repercussions of these measures have permeated throughout society, affecting various segments such as the poor, laborers, daily wage earners, students, professionals, the legal community, and civil society at large.

Recommendations by Mobile Phones Traders Association

Recognizing the severity of the situation, a delegation from the Mobile Phones Traders Association presented a series of recommendations to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and other senior officials. These recommendations aim to address the issues plaguing the industry and provide a roadmap for recovery. The government has assured the delegation that it will earnestly consider incorporating these proposals into the upcoming budget.

Disparity in Duty Rates

Currently, Pakistan imposes a duty of 75% on cellular phones, a considerably higher rate compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Bangladesh, and Turkey, where the duty is much lower or nonexistent. This stark disparity has resulted in the widespread practice of using smartphones without paying the required duties, often facilitated by collusion with the FBR. The additional 100% to 150% duty on cell phones has made them unaffordable for the marginalized sections of society, exacerbating the divide and hindering access to technology.

Impact on Revenue and Smuggling Concerns

The exorbitant duty rates on mobile phones have inadvertently led to a surge in smuggling activities. To circumvent the ban on the import of used mobile phones, illicit practices have increased, benefiting a select few companies while depriving the national exchequer of revenue. Furthermore, individuals resort to illegally using smartphones without paying the heavy taxes, resulting in a substantial loss to the government’s coffers.

To stimulate the mobile industry and promote accessibility to technology, it is imperative for the government to address the prevailing challenges. By implementing a more reasonable duty structure in the new financial year, not only will consumers benefit, but the government stands to gain significantly, potentially increasing revenue from Rs5 billion to Rs100 billion. It is crucial to strike a balance between taxation and affordability, ensuring that the mobile industry thrives while facilitating the socioeconomic development of the country.

The government’s consideration of reduced duty rates on mobile phones in the upcoming budget presents a ray of hope for the struggling mobile industry in Pakistan. By addressing the burden of high taxes and import restrictions, the government aims to revive the industry, providing relief to traders and enhancing access to smartphones for the broader population. It is vital for the government to carefully deliberate and incorporate the recommendations put forth by the Mobile Phones Traders Association, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach that promotes growth and inclusivity. By aligning duty rates with those of neighboring countries and curbing smuggling activities, the government can not only generate significant revenue but also foster a favorable business environment.

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